Elliot Ball: “We have a number of vacancies…which we are struggling to fill”

Elliot Ball Clacton Pier
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Clacton Pier is 150 years old and it’s offering is as good as it’s been. What it needs now more than ever is staff as the seaside resort faces its summer wave. That, though, is a major challenge.


Coinslot: How has business been since July 19?

Elliot Ball: It has been very steady with good footfall. As always, the weather very much dictates just how busy we are.

CS: How are your customers responding to freedom day?

EB: It’s a bit of a mixed bag. Some people are choosing to wear masks and socially distance, while others have abandoned that altogether. It’s very much like society in general.

CS: Ping mayhem: what has the impact been on you and your team?

EB: There have been a number of staff who have been pinged and had to self-isolate, so there has been some impact to rotas. But we have been managing so far.

CS: Are you experiencing issues with recruitment or staff shortages?

EB: This has been a major issue for us since we came back after lockdown. Seasonal staff who normally return year after year have been looking to other employment which they believe is more reliable.

They feel that the industry is the first to suffer whenever there is a lockdown even though we have measures in place which help protect jobs.

We have a number of vacancies – full and part-time – which we are struggling to fill.

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