Unbelievable! Chris Kamara pulls in to Silloth Amusements

Chris Kamara Silloth Amusement Arcade
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It was an unbelievable few days for Silloth Amusement Arcade this weekend, as the attraction was visited by both sunny weather and Sky Sports’s football pundit Chris Kamara.


The former Sheffield United midfielder joined holidaymakers on the north Cumbrian coast as temperatures hit 23 degrees, with his family’s arrival creating “quite a buzz” for the town.

“They were in and around Silloth for the whole weekend and it created quite a buzz,” arcade owner Paul Blake told the News and Star. “He’s just a really nice guy and dead easy to get on with.”

“His grandson was on the bouncy castle and Chris asked if he could have a picture taken on the train. We had some kids on the train at the time and a couple of the parents recognised who it was. It was great for them to get a picture.”

Blake added that throughout the visit, Kamara – best known for his enthusiastic pitch-side reporting and “Unbelievable Jeff!” catchphrase – came across “just as he is on the TV.”

“He’s 100 percent down to earth and very obliging – there were dozens of people wanting selfies with him.”

“He must get that all the time wherever he goes, but I think Silloth was quite blown away this weekend. It’s picked people up.”

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