Trading ‘good’ at Grand Pier as some restrictions remain in place

Michelle Michael Grand Pier
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There is a frustration for Michelle Michael over staff recruitment. It’s not the shortage that causes issues as much as the time wasted by people accepting offers and then declining the job.


Coinslot: How has business been since July 19?

Michelle Michael: It’s been good, we are still operating restricted numbers, our staff continue to wear face coverings and we advise our guests to wear face coverings inside. We also advocate track and trace and everyone seems happy to do so.

CS: How are your customers responding to freedom day?

MM: They are receiving it well, but many don’t wear face coverings at all.

CS: Ping mayhem: what has the impact been on you and your team?

MM: We have had disruption and continue to do so on a daily basis. We can only react daily when it happens.

CS: Are you experiencing issues with recruitment or staff shortages?

MM: Yes, since re-opening it’s been very difficult to recruit and we have seen many people accepting offers and then declining or ghosting you when you try and contact them.

It’s a huge waste of business time and it’s very difficult to gear up for a busy season when you have these difficulties.

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