Luxury Leisure steps up plans for expansion

Tom Allison Luxury Leisure Leisure Talarius high street operator
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If freedom day has brought one thing to the national high street operator, it’s the determination to kick on with its slate of new projects. Tom Allison is not for budging on the programme to move forward.


Coinslot: How has business been since July 19?

Tom Allison: The relaxation of Covid measures has only supported our recovery. We are in a strong position and looking forward to the future. We’re continuing to expand our portfolio and have a slate of projects lined up for the year ahead.

CS: How are your customers responding to freedom day?

TA: Customer interest remains high with engagement increasing across the estate every week. We’ve welcomed so many of our ‘pre-pandemic’ customers back and we’re seeing new faces all of the time. Many safety precautions are still in place in our venues, to ensure all our customers have a safe, enjoyable and comfortable visit.

CS: Ping mayhem: what has the impact been on you and your team?

TA: Luckily, we’ve had little to no disruption across the estate. We’re working together, including across venues, to ensure our workforce remains resilient. Our head office is operating at a reduced capacity, to ensure full departments won’t be affected. This, alongside our enhanced safety precautions in our venues will aim to reduce any potential impact.

CS: Are you experiencing issues with recruitment or staff shortages?

TA: We’re extremely proud to have not made any redundancies as a result of the pandemic. As a growing business, we’ve got some exciting opportunities available and we’re making the necessary adjustments to our recruitment process to be able to hire successfully through digital and non-digital means.

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