Bacta Music Users Group agree fee rebate with PPL

PPL fees Bacta Music Group David Gershlick
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The recently formed Music Users Group at Bacta has negotiated a fee rebate from PPL for its members. covering the period of lockdown.


At a meeting on 8 July between PPL, Music Users Group chairman David Gershlick and Bacta CEO John White, the music licensing company confirmed that it would waive its fee for sited jukeboxes during the 2020/21 lockdown term. The waiver will run 20 March 2020 to 19 March 2021 and would offer a further 50 percent allowance on fees up to the date the main trading restrictions come to an end on July 19 in England.

“I am delighted with this outcome,” Gershlick said. “It has been an incredibly tough year for operators and PPL has recognised this as well as the fact that even if on, jukeboxes weren’t taking money and might as well have been switched off. They were only on for updates and given legal decibel restrictions juke box users soon realised they couldn’t enjoy their usual range of music and simply did without. With pubs and clubs hopefully getting back to near normality once social distancing and sound limits are removed, we look forward to an increase in takes and will be happy to once again pay the copyright fees collected by PPL.”

Richard Stewart, the PPL’s head of dubbing & tariff development at PPL, said: “PPL appreciates that in the vast majority of instances, jukeboxes have not been in operation since March 2020. This has been due to a combination of national and local lockdowns, local authority regulations and different approaches in the various countries of the UK.

“PPL has already made a number of temporary and non-precedential changes to the fees payable by PPL licensed music suppliers to assist them in these exceptional circumstances. As the country begins to return to normality and the various national lockdowns are eased PPL PRS will be renewing jukebox operators’ licences in accordance with this arrangement. I am pleased that we have been able to find a mutually acceptable solution.”

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