Richardson still weighing up the benefits of freedom

Martin Richardson Happidrome Arcade
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For a business like Martin Richardson’s a few pings could mean closure. And ‘don’t even go there’ on the subject of staff shortages.


Coinslot: How has business been since July 19?

Martin Richardson: Business at the very start of the July season was brisk for the few weeks. But, with the introduction of additional measures like face coverings, hand sanitisers, screens and additional staff to carry out deep cleaning, we were probably better off staying closed.

Coinslot: How are your customers responding to freedom day?

Martin Richardson: Towards the end of the restrictions we found the confrontations became more and more asking customers to use face masks. Things will never be the same.

Coinslot: Ping mayhem: what has the impact been on you and your team?

Martin Richardson: So far we have been hit with four members of staff getting pinged. It’s so unhelpful as the 10 day quarantine takes out two weekends in most of our cases. One person was pinged twice, once for collecting a takeaway at 7 pm, yet the whole night they were pinged.

Coinslot: Are you experiencing issues with recruitment or staff shortages?

Martin Richardson: DON’T even go there. 99 percent of the younger staff are a nightmare, all mine got pinged. The uni students that we have for the summer have all been doing revisions and catch ups because of the covid effect on term times and loss of teaching. Brexit F up the foreign students and workers; so basically I’m paying myself a wage this year and working bloody hard to earn it.

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