Bob Rudd Leisure places ‘significant’ Alphamax order

Nick Rudd Bob Rudd Leisure Alphamax order
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As the single-site sector begins to re-open Blueprint’s Alphamax is establishing itself as the Cat C of choice. After placing a significant order, Nick Rudd, managing director of Bob Rudd Leisure, explains how digital games such as the Alphamax are changing the operator’s focus.


Bob Rudd Leisure, one of the UK’s largest and most respected independent suppliers of gaming equipment, is the latest major operator to put its faith in Blueprint’s Alphamax cabinet. The second generation business, whose pledge is to provide customers of all sizes from free trade pubs to national pub companies with ‘only the very best machines’ has made what both parties are describing as a ‘significant order’ for Blueprint’s Category C digital gaming product which has established itself as the single-site machine of choice.

Nick Rudd, Managing Director of the six depot Newcastle upon Tyne headquartered company said: “We are an unashamedly simple business which is built on solid standards. The business is geared towards maximising cash in box earnings by keeping players entertained . It’s a simple premise that our business lives by.

“We are continuously researching the industry for products that match the exacting demands of modern consumers. As pubs adopt different trading styles to cater for different audiences it’s also important to be able to segment the gaming offering. Cabinets such as the Alphamax and its digital pipeline of content enables us to work with our customers to deliver gaming entertainment tailored to each and every demographic.”

He added: “To a large extent the digital format has changed the focus for operators. The ability to download new content, undertake remote diagnosis and provide anti-fraud initiatives has meant that we are able to apply our knowledge and expertise to fine tuning the proposition in order to grow the cash box and maximise income for our customers. Our job as an operator is clear and that’s to make sure that the machines we supply are being played frequently by more people. Digital, which now represents close to 50 percent of the market, helps us enormously in this respect.”

The Alphamax, features high definition, edge-to-edge screens, updated button panel, and ultra-fast processing power. The MERKUR MD100+ Gold note acceptor reduces the risk of fraud and enhances operation with multi note pay-out enabling enhanced hopper management.

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