Harbour Lights to maintain Covid-safe measures

Harbour Lights Amusements continue Covid-19 safety measures Fleetwood
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Harbour Lights Amusements has confirmed it is to maintain social distancing and sanitisation measures beyond 19 July, in a bid to minimise all possibilities of on-site Covid transmission.


The Fleetwood arcade announced the decision via social media, citing the rising infection rate across the north west as being behind the move.

“After consultation with our team, we have decided, in the best interests of our team and all our customers young and old, that we will continue to operate with our social distancing screens, our hand sanitizers and our current cleaning policies in place,” said a spokesperson.

“Masks are optional and you will not be judged if you have one or don’t. Our aim is to make your visit to the arcade a memorable, fun and safe one.”

The announcement was met with approval from many of the arcade’s followers, with Kath Allen stating “you’re making the right decision for your customers,” while Elizabeth Holden commented “respect.”

Despite the majority of hospitality and leisure businesses welcoming the opportunity to return to full capacity trading after 18 months, many have voiced concern over fully abandoning restrictions while cases continue to rise.

Announcing its decision to maintain social distancing measures, Harbour Lights stated “the current news on the Covid surge is not great reading across the north west.”

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