Whitby warning for counterfeit £2 coins

Whitby counterfeit £2 coins CCTV still
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Businesses in Whitby are being urged to remain vigilant, after a group of children were discovered using counterfeit £2 coins in local attractions and amusements.


Following a weekend of high visitation, staff at the Dracula Experience on the town’s Marine Parade discovered the fraud, and were able to capture those involved on CCTV.

“Any local businesses watch out for these children,” said a spokesperson for the museum via social media. “It’s not their fault, but the four adults with them have a bag full of fake £2 coins and are sending them into different places to use them.”

“I took them then refused entry. The man asked for them back and I refused, but as soon as I mentioned CCTV and the police he shot off. They are easy to spot the difference to real coins.”

The social media post, which included images of the counterfeit coins alongside those of the children involved, was shared 116 times as local business owners attempted to spread the word.

Seaside arcades are no stranger to counterfeit attempts, being one of the largest sectors still reliant upon cash and coin-operated machines.

Speaking during an appeal for two men who used £500 of fake notes at Olympia Leisure in 2019, Scarborough Police encouraged all arcades and amusements centres to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions, including CCTV.

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