Respect, just a little bit: Llandudno Pier management speaks out against rude customers amid staff shortages

Llandudno Pier
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After receiving abuse in the forms of screams and shouts from a “so-called lady”, management at Llandudno Pier took to Facebook to remind people to be patient and polite in the face of longer wait times caused by industry-wide staff shortages.


Management at Llandudno Pier have called out a customer on Facebook for screaming “you should hire more staff” at pier employees amid longer wait times caused by industrywide staff shortages.

The manager at the pier expressed both sadness and surprise at the way some customers where treated last weekend as anticipation for England’s freedom day built up. Wales, however, remains under restrictions, meaning table service only continues on the pier, which coupled with staffing shortages across the hospitality industry has meant longer wait times for patrons – some of whom could not be patient.

“It has saddened and shocked me the way my Team have been treated by some of our customers this weekend,” wrote the manager. “Our bar is open, beer garden only and table service only. We can seat 250+ people, therefore “table service” means at busy times you will have to wait and be patient. One so-called lady screamed today: ‘You should hire more staff’. Unfortunately we are unable to hire more staff, as no one wants to work in our industry anymore. A word of advice: Don’t scream and shout at my team, ask for the Manager. I will be happy to discuss things with you, and you won’t “intimidate” me trust me.”

The message received over 100 comments of support from Facebook users, with one recalling her recent visit fondly. “We visited you a couple of weekends ago! It was amazing! And very safe!,” wrote Courtney Spragg. “We sat at our table and waited around 25 mins for our drinks but we didn’t mind we could see your staff were busy so we sat and waited patiently! Should of threw the ignorant women of the pier!”

Such instances of unacceptable customer behaviour becoming so commonplace – and frequently being picked up by media outlets – will do nothing to help the hospitality industry’s current staffing shortages. Llandudno Pier management has, however, made it clear that it fully backs it staff – and that the customer not always right.

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