New VR experience for BPP’s Twister

Brighton Palace Pier VR Experience
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Brighton Palace Pier is to host the world’s first “Ride with VR” experience, which will see those riding The Twister taken to new heights through a specially designed virtual reality adventure.


Transporting customers to a new 3D world featuring rainbows, colourful shapes and moving structures, the VR headsets will track the oscillations of the ride, and translate them into a multi-directional visual adventure.

“I’m super excited to be working with the Twister,” said Brendan Walker, founder of Studio Go Go. “It still provides the same classic fun of being squished and catapulted around, but when wearing a VR headset you’ll be in my world – and I’m going to take you on a crazy ride you won’t forget.”

The experience has been unveiled in order to celebrate The Twister’s 80th birthday, and marks a unique new combination of VR and tried-and-tested ride mechanics, with the proprietary Go Go XR technology synchronising the movements of the VR world to those experienced by the rider in real time.

“Ride with VR brings a next generational immersive experience to our already exciting array of rides and activities at the Brighton Palace Pier,” said CEO Anne Ackord.

“We are thrilled to be premiering this technology on our traditional fairground ride The Twister – transforming it into the ultimate ride experience.”

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