Planning Inspectorate allows London Resort update

London Resorts planning update
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The Planning Inspectorate has ruled that the London Resort will not have to withdraw and resubmit its planning application in order to make amendments in line with the site’s recent designation as an SSSI.


The company – which has been granted a four month delay to government review in order to incorporate changes – had faced criticisms from operators such as Merlin, which stated proposed changes significantly altered the submission.

“[The panel] considers that the additional submissions made by the applicant to date set out the process and broad scope for updating application documents and as such has decided that they do not constitute a material change,” said panel lead Stuart Cowperthwaite.

“We will also consider the need for further consultation and any implications for the pre-examination and examination periods as and when the applicant submits any updated or new documents.”

The decision comes after Merlin Resorts CEO Matt Jowett wrote to the inspectorate expressing his belief that the planning extension was being used to make major changes to the £2.5bn Swanscombe Peninsula attraction proposal.

“There are multiple changes to application plans and other application documents,” said Jowett. “The submissions by LRCH make no reference to consultation with the public and no reference to consultation with interested parties such as ourselves.”

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