Absolutely fabulous Joanna Lumley drops in to Mumbles Pier

Joanna Lumley Sacha Dench Mumbles Pier
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Joanna Lumley and Sacha Dench visited Mumbles Pier last week, part of the pair’s round-Britain trip to raise awareness of the devastating effects of climate change.


Dench, who is circumnavigating the country in an electric paramotor, landed in Swansea on 1 July, before joining Lumley at the pier to film part of their ITV documentary.

We were delighted to have Joanna Lumley and Sacha Dench visit our Pier today,” said a spokesperson. “What an incredible journey for an important cause highlighting the impact of climate change.”

“We were delighted to host two inspirational and powerful women! Good luck on the rest of your journey!”

Dench, otherwise known as The Human Swan, is flying 3,000 miles around the country, visiting local communities and climate change activists to discuss the ongoing crisis, with her findings set to be presented at COP26 in Glasgow in November.

Lumley will be joining Dench at regular intervals of the Round Britain Climate Challenge in order to interview those involved, and present a documentary on the journey.

“Sacha is clawing attention towards the greatest crisis mankind has faced in recorded time,” said Lumley. “Her journey is going to be irresistible and I shall be following her, on charts and in person, I am so proud to support her.”

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