Harwich Bingo fans play on through flood

Bingo flood Harwich
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Harwich bingo fans were undeterred by flooding at Park Pavilion late last month, as play continued despite heavy rainfall breaching the community centre’s flood defences.


Staff at the Barrack Lane venue kept the game going for dedicated players as water entered the building, as the Essex town was hit by extreme storm conditions on 26 June.

“When I arrived at bingo there were some drips coming through the ceiling – staff were putting bowls on the floor to catch it,” local resident Alison Bareham told The Standard. “We were then aware the rain was coming in through the fire door, so they shut it but it was running through the top of the door frame quite fast.”

“They tried placing towels to catch the water but it was flowing faster than it could be mopped up. The staff tried to mop it up as fast as they could but it still covered nearly half of the floor and the ceiling was dripping places with water coming through the light fittings.”

Though bingo was able to continue unaffected, with players simply moving tables between games in order to avoid the worst of the drips, the flooding raises larger questions about how the local authority is maintaining its community facilities.

“The staff at the pavilion were great during it all and everyone was concerned for each other, as well as about the implications to the whole community if the hall is not in a good state of repair.”

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