Domestic tourism set to deliver £14.6bn

Domestic tourism staycation scarborough
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Travel agency Butter has reported that a 33 percent increase in “staycation” bookings could deliver an extra £3.6bn to UK destinations this year, adding to the £11bn already delivered by domestic tourism pre-pandemic.


An additional 15 million people are expected to take a holiday in the UK this year, with seaside resorts such as Scarborough expecting to benefit from an additional £79.2m as booked trips to the town increase by 400,000.

“The pandemic has proved incredibly problematic for the tourism and hospitality sectors,” said Butter CEO Timothy Davis. “The ongoing uncertainty around foreign travel, as well as the four week delay to the end of lockdown restrictions, have only added to these woes.”

“The one positive to be taken from this is the considerable boost received by the domestic tourism market, with staycations now the holiday of choice for the second year in a row.”

Though the current increase is largely dependent on the impracticality of overseas travel, a rise in domestic tourism could renew interest in the British seaside long-term.

“With more of us opting to head to places like Cornwall, Scarborough and Great Yarmouth, there should be a substantial boost to domestic spending this year, which will come as a relief to the many local communities who rely so heavily on tourism.”

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