Pricing visitors out of the coast? Lyme Regis set for second parking price hike

Lyme Regis parking price hike
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Dorset Council has proposed a further increase to parking charges in Lyme Regis, just three months after quadrupling car park fees at the seaside resort from £2 a day to £8.


The authority has now announced it will introduce a three-tiered system as of 2022, with seaside resorts placed in the highest tier where all-day charges will hit £10.

“We want a pricing strategy that works for as many people as possible and brings consistency in parking charges across the Dorset Council area,” said Cllr Ray Bryan, portfolio holder for Highways, Travel and Environment.

“We’re trying to get the right balance so that costs are not so high that our car parks are under-used and people are pushed into parking on residential roads, but not so low that drivers cannot find a space to park or choose to drive rather than using a more sustainable form of travel.”

Responding to the announcement, Lyme Regis Town Council has urged Dorset Council to consider more “radical” solutions, in a bid to prevent further price hikes.

“I think the reality is that we have to live with it this year, but I don’t think we should just accept that we can’t do anything,” said Cllr Belinda Bawden. “I think we should talk to Dorset Council and try and get something much, much more radical sorted out.”

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