Grand Pier triples Skill Cut Winner order

Grand Pier Skill Cut Winner
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Weston’s Grand Pier has tripled its Skill Cut offering, becoming the latest operator to increase its order after sampling the popular cabinet with its unique giant plush on the arcade floor.


The Somerset landmark follows in the footsteps of Brighton and Aberystwyth Piers, which both doubled their order this year, a trend that supplier Electrocoin is growing used to.

“The reason Electrocoin made the Skill Cut Winner available in eight colours – or now it’s up to ten – was because of operator demand,” said John A. Stergides. “Many would try one and due to its success, would increase the number on their amusement floor, usually adding two to four units, and they wanted different colours to have a bigger impact.”

Grand Pier was very impressed and again having the different colour options, on top of the fantastic income, made it even more appealing to add more units to their location. We know some operators have up to eight Skill Cut Winners in their locations.”

The increased order from the Grand Pier comes after the machine proved itself not only in popularity, but in takings, with GM Tim Moyle stating the first Skill Cut Winner installed “paid itself off in a couple weeks.”

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