Entain all set to pilot multi-sports VR experience

Entain pilot multi sports VR experience
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Entain has announced its intention to pilot a VR multi-sports entertainment experience.


Building upon the operator’s partnership with Verizon Media, the VR “sports club” entertainment experience will be made available on the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset.

“We continually offer our customers a wide range of innovative and exciting experiences, and VR is an exciting opportunity for us to innovate in new ways,” said Sandeep Tiku, chief operating officer of Entain. “The aim is to mix sports, entertainment and different types of immersive play in one product, giving customers a great mix of new, exciting stuff to enjoy.”

Customers will be able to live stream football matches, build fantasy lineups and play a range of different sports games both individually and with groups of friends.

“We know consumers are looking for more multi-dimensional experiences, in which the ability to place a bet is only one of the ways they want to enjoy themselves,” continued Tiku. “So we want to wow them and give them better experiences than they’ve ever had before – and at the same time also use our cutting edge technology to keep our players safe.”

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