“All-year-round” plans for Eastbourne tourism

Eastbourne tourism economy
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The parliamentary under-secretary of state for tourism has expressed a desire to see Eastbourne reinvented as an “all-year-round” destination, as part of a recent visit to the south coast resort.


Speaking during a visit to local MP Caroline Ansell, Nigel Huddleston outlined the benefits to the local economy of an all-weather tourism offering, and called for refocused attention on indoor attractions.

“One of the absolute goals we have got is that our tourism economy is an all-year-round offering,” said Huddleston. “When that happens we can start to pay people more and that increases the overall productivity of the sector.”

“What that means is changing the nature of the local tourism economy. It means investing in tourism offerings that are all year round. It is not all buckets and spades on the beach, it is actually other offerings. It is tourist attractions, it is indoor attractions.”

Huddleston also highlighted the importance of cultural offerings such as galleries, museum and heritage sites as central to building year-round visitation.

“We need to move away from that hauntingly seasonal nature to employment,” added Ansell. “It is so important that we push beyond that traditional summer season and really look to go 365 with our visitor economy.”

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