UK theme parks oppose new London Resorts submission

UK theme parks oppose London Resorts submission
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Merlin Resorts has called on London Resort Company Holdings to resubmit plans for its £2.5bn Swanscombe Peninsula attraction, after stating a planning extension granted to address environmental issues is being used to make major changes to the site.


Having been granted a four month delay by the Planning Inspectorate to answer concerns raised by the recognition of the site as a SSSI, Merlin CEO Matt Jowett has written expressing his belief that new amendments have been made without statutory consultation.

“It is apparent from the applicant’s letter of 12 May 2021 and its accompanying schedules that information to be provided relates to far more than the SSSI notification,” Jowett wrote to the Planning Inspectorate. “Indeed, they include a document described as ‘Supporting Resort and Leisure Market Assessment’, which plainly has no direct relevance to the SSSI status.”

“There are multiple changes to application plans and other application documents. The submissions by LRCH make no reference to consultation with the public and no reference to consultation with interested parties such as ourselves.”

The letter is one of a number received by the PI on the subject, including a statement from Paul Kelly, CEO of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions.

“Arguably, this document should have been submitted with the application at the end of December 2020, as it is likely to be highly relevant to the issues under consideration in the determination of the London Resort proposals,” said Kelly.

“Particularly now that you have identified ‘the nature of the UK’s existing visitor attraction market and the effects on existing theme parks and resorts, including diversion’ as a principal issue to be examined.”

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