On form: Showmen recognised on school enrolment

Showmen recognised Future 4 Fairgrounds
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Future 4 Fairgrounds has celebrated the inclusion of Showman as an ethnic identity on a number of school enrolment forms in England, hailing the move as “a milestone moment.”


The change comes after Showman was included for the first time this year as an option on the national census, following an ongoing campaign by the SGGB and Showmen groups.

“When you see a school enrolment form that says this,” stated a spokesperson for Future 4 Fairgrounds via social media. “The feeling of pride when you see a school enrolment form that actually says Showman – wow!!!”

“There’s a first time for everything and this has been a long time coming! Well done to everyone involved. We hope we will start to see this across the country now.”

An image of the form, posted on the Future 4 Fairgrounds Facebook page on 17 June, was shared 173 times, generating over 700 likes and more than 150 comments.

“So many people have played their part,” read one comment from F4F cofounder Colleen Roper. “From individuals to associations it’s been a battle and this is by no means job done but it is a step in the right direction.”

“A milestone moment for us as a community and everyone who ever got involved in this has played a huge part in the history of all Showmen! You should all be proud. If I’m honest I was quite emotional when I saw this. Incredible achievement, well done everyone!”

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