JNC’s Martian Madness deal lets “the pusher do the talking”

JNC Martian Madness
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Bristol-based supplier JNC has extended its offer on Martian Madness that allows operators to delay any payment on the five player pusher until the end of the season.


Sales and marketing manager Sam Coleman believes that the extended deal, which also includes a 40 percent reduction in price, is “one of the best offers this summer”, with the delayed payment – “meaning no payment is required until the end of this season and then the start of next season” – helping customers manage cashflow and letting “the pusher do the talking”. Martian Madness has already been proving popular this season with operators as it 1.3m frame fits into those hard-to-fill spaces on the arcade floor.

“The UK market is keen to capitalise on strong footfall this season mixed with good deals from suppliers, and the offer we have extended on Martian Madness provides an opportunity for just that,” said Coleman. “I think that most arcades have their main pushers set-up for the season, but Martian Madness, like with the earlier Space Reels models, gives the option to add a smaller pusher to the arcade floor in an area that wouldn’t otherwise be able to accommodate other wide bed pushers. At just 1.3m wide and with a spinning UFO topflash with proven success in customer attraction and a unique ticket payout feature, the five player Martian Madness represents great value at just £6,995 brand new with extended payment terms help operators add a final piece to sites this summer.”

Alongside mid-range ticket pushers such as Martian Madness, JNC has also seen demand for more recent video games and ticket redemption machines, whilst the supplier has now sold out of Crazy Toy cranes. Coleman said the company is working hard to bring in more popular used equipment alongside new lines that will be arriving later in the year, such as the latest models of Crazy Toy crane, Mini House crane and Epic Shooter basketball.

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