Godden Family celebrate employee’s 40 years of service

Trevor Naylor 40 years service Godden Gaming Organisation Dreamland
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Trevor Naylor’s in Dreamland as the Godden family salute a remarkable four decades of service.


Trevor Naylor, 70, celebrated 40 years of service and his 70th Birthday with a small group of The Godden Gaming Organisation’s team at a surprise breakfast this week. Trevor began his role as a ride engineer at Dreamland, Margate and has undertaken many roles within the company and can always be found maintaining all the group’s leisure attractions going within the Organisation’s seaside locations to this day.

Jeremy Godden told Coinslot: “Trevor represents all the values of the company. Hard working but always with a smile on his face whether it’s repairing a broken-down rollercoaster on a busy bank holiday or dealing with an issue within the AGCs at 2am! Trevor is one of many staff who have worked for the Godden family for many years, in fact, about 10 percent of the workforce have worked for us longer than I have been alive! “

Trevor Naylor was presented with a small gift as a token of The Godden Family’s appreciation for his dedication to the late Jim Godden and latterly Rochelle, Jeremy, and Jordan Godden.


Image: Trevor Naylor pictured in the Godden Gaming Organisation museum, in front of the late Jim Godden’s very early signs before he joined the amusement business.

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