Freedom day delay: The casino operator

Simon Thomas Freedom Day delay
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The capital’s premier casino has been busy preparing for ‘freedom day’ and it’s been an expensive process. ‘Disappointed’ is the most diplomatic Simon Thomas can be. He wants the ecosystem fully reopened so the industry can thrive and rebuild. As it stands, he says, British businesses are suffering.


I am very disappointed. It feels like the goal posts have once again been moved, and no doubt there will be the echo variant and the foxtrot variant and loads of other scariants, but we need to move on, put this behind us and live with the disease as we live with countless other diseases.

The Government has done a great job with the vaccinations and the country now needs setting free.

The Prime Minister kept talking of a need for a balance, but seems to ignore the balance between the diminishing number of hospitalisations and deaths from Covid, versus the increasing damage to businesses, to the economy and to people’s health from other issues, including mental health from people scared or stuck at home, possibly in cramped flats.

Businesses need to get people back to the office so they can work more productively. It is both an operational, physical and emotional requirement, so people can do their best job – we can’t think about working remotely for the rest of our lives. Only 20 percent of office workers are back in the West End, and only 10 percent in the City, and British businesses are suffering.

Central London has planned this full reopening for weeks now, we have stocked up, we have recruited ready for it, and since the partial openings on April 12 and May 17, we have been rebuilding, so this is an expensive set back.

A lot of people have come back to enjoy the West End, but we need everything fully open for the ecosystem to work, theatres, nightclubs, bars and restaurants working at full tilt to thrive and rebuild.

These measures were temporary measures when they were announced 15 months ago, and this is becoming a joke.

People have to be encouraged to live again and not just exist.

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