Freedom day delay: The industry expert

Nick Harding Spray Lakes Consultancy
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So why are we holding back yet again, asks Nick Harding



So now we have another delay, and realistically – certainly if we believe Michael Gove – we face the possibility of a further delay in mid-July as he is only ‘pretty confident’ that there will be no more delays.

Last weekend I walked along the promenade in Hunstanton and I can honestly say that I haven’t seen it as busy since the 1970s, and yet there was no consequent spike in infections or hospitalisations following such busy footfall which was replicated at every seaside town in the land.

So why are we holding back yet again, damaging leisure businesses to such an extent that many just will not survive?

If Covid cases in the North-West are spiking, then why are we not imposing a regional lockdown in the towns responsible for those spikes?

Most leisure and hospitality businesses make a significant proportion of their profits in June, July and August. As a sector we employ hundreds of thousands of people and yet the Government seems intent on constantly using a shotgun when they should be using a rifle.

I genuinely fear for the economy this winter, furlough payments will end and many employees will find that there is no work to go back to, adding to the misery of so many, and will we then look back at these ‘delays’ to which so many have seemed happy to acquiesce and count the cost?

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