Freedom day Delay: The pier perspective

Weston Grand Pier Freedom Day Delay
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We’re in the final furlong but staff shortages are “the biggest problem”, says Michael




Of course we are disappointed and this means that our events have a further setback, but I think we are so close to getting back to some normality that we feel like it’s a bit of a final furlong.

Michelle Michael MBE Owner Weston Grand Pier
Michelle Michael MBE Owner, Weston Grand Pier

We empathise with our clients who have had to postpone once again some of their events, but we are in no different position to anyone else.

We continue to require support on the events side for our business, and believe that the current Vat regime should be extended to assist our industry.

The biggest problem we have is staffing, where many people through necessity have changed vocation and this has left a huge gap in the market for staff.

Now that hospitality has opened up again, those people have decided that they like the hours better and do not wish to re-enter.

Skilled people such as chefs and supervisors are an even more scarce commodity. The Government really needs to address this shortage and look to Europe, where hospitality is a serious profession and is recognised accordingly.


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