Rank Group deploys Hawkeye AI monitor

safer gambling Rank Group deploys Hawkeye AI monitor
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The Rank Group has unveiled a new AI “Hawkeye” system to identify problem gambling behaviours in high velocity players across its online estate.


The system is part of the casino operator’s real-time safer gambling monitoring protocols, and aims to more quickly establish points at which intervention is necessary.

“We’ve made significant strides using artificial intelligence to power our propensity model which looks to identify potential gamblingrelated harm,” said director of customer services Liam Smith. “We’ve also refined our digital affordability framework to assess customers at every stage of their time with us, from registration, through to deposit and withdrawal.”

“We’re well aware that this work will never be complete, but we’ve upped the pace of our innovation and deployment in terms of SG and that can only be good for players in terms of delivering the optimal levels of protection.”

Inspired by the technology used by trading desks, the system focuses on highvelocity play as an “area of concern,” identifying sudden player behaviour changes potentially overlooked by existing safer gambling controls and thresholds.

“We wanted to better identify changes in behaviour, as close to real-time as is possible, in order to ensure we can support those customers, where appropriate.”

“We’ve been building the desk over a considerable period of time and it will continue to be refined as we improve our understanding of player behavioural change.”

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