Scottish soft play sector calls for fair treatment

Soft Play sector Scotland
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Members of Scotland’s soft play sector are currently consulting lawyers over a potential judicial review in order to challenge the alleged lack of evidence for keeping centres closed.


As well as protesting outside Holyrood, business owners are set to challenge government tier regulations, which have prevented many sites from operating for 15 months.

“There is a demand for us to be changed into a tier that reflects where we think our businesses should be,” Whale of A Time owner Sarah Davidson told BBC Scotland Drivetime. “If not, we want to see the actual documentation that proves that it’s unsafe for us to trade.”

“In all of our discussions with the Scottish government, which have been going on since September last year, they have never once been able to produce a document which clearly says why we are not safe.”

Despite the Scottish government announcing in October a £50,000 grant scheme to assist businesses affected by restrictions, soft play owners have criticised the lack of support or explanation for the prolonged closures.

“Nobody can give us the reasons that we’re more dangerous than a trampoline park or ten pin bowling,” Darren Margach told BBC Good Morning Scotland. “These funds are not a replacement for us being open and when you’ve not traded for 448 days these little scraps are not good enough.”

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