Mecca Bingo support diversified offer with marketing surge

Mecca Bingo marketing
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Amid a brand refresh and a financial performance that Rank Group say is “broadly where we expected to be”, Mecca Bingo marketing director Catrin White outlines the importance of strong marketing and a diversified offer in the bingo operators reopening strategy.


“Brilliant marketing initiatives” and a diversified product portfolio are key to Mecca Bingo’s strategy as the brand goes through a refresh on its 60th birthday. A staple of Britain’s entertainment sector, Mecca Bingo has suffered along with the rest of retail as a result of lockdowns and restrictions over the last year, but with reopening and a brand refresh, marketing director Catrin White believes its the perfect time to remind the public of what Mecca can offer.

“We have an exciting year ahead as we welcome our customers back and strive to continually attract a wider audience,” she said. “At the moment, we’re focussed on supporting our venues operationally during our first month of reopening. We’ve already launched some brilliant marketing initiatives including a 1960’s prices offer, a national press reader offer for free bingo, an on demand TV campaign, extensive social media activity highlighting our £1m Mega Money Weekends and the fact that we have over 50,000 winners a week. We’ve given away over £5m in May alone. This has been underpinned by our always-on CRM, SEO and PPC activity.”

Indeed, long gone are the days of bingo being an old fashioned game, and to reflect that Mecca Bingo know that its clubs need to offer more than the old fashioned experience.

“I don’t think we can be complacent, but we are focussed on continuing to diversify our product portfolio on and offline,” continued White. “We’ve listened to what our customers want, and we will continue to put our energy into creating one of a kind entertainment driven spaces and activations. We know what is important to our customers – venues where people can enjoy a social occasions with excitement, food, drink, and fun all in one place.”

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