Is Joypolis set for UK launch?

Is Joypolis set for UK launch
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Joypolis, the indoor amusement park brand founded by Sega in Japan in 1994, could be headed to the UK this year, after recent financial reports revealed plans for expansion.


The CA Cultural Technology Group, which currently owns the CA Joypolis business, confirmed international development plans were underway with an MoU already in place.

“The Group is planning to develop CA Sega Joypolis in different places over the world with several partners in the PRC and the overseas,” states the report.

“As for the overseas market, the Group has entered a memorandum of understanding with another international partner to select a location for launching a theme park in the UK within approximately half a year and explore the possibility to launch theme parks in Europe, North America and elsewhere.”

Though 11 Joypolis parks have been opened since the first Yokohama incarnation 27 years ago, only three remain, located in Tokyo, Shanghai and Qingdao, however plans are already in motion to establish a new venue in Guangzhou this year.

The global expansion plans for the former Sega-owned concept comes after the brand was forced to sell 85.1 percent of its shares in the Sega Entertainment division to Japanese amusement rental business Genda Inc in November.

“Despite the recent recovery trend, the situation remains uncertain,” said a Sega spokesperson at the time.

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