Blackpool Pier backs staff following reports of abuse amid reopening

Blackpool Pier Company reports of abuse backs workers
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While the majority of customers returning to their favourite tourism and hospitality spots have behaved with respect, The Blackpool Pier Company has backed workers across the sector against a number of reported incidents of abuse since businesses reopened.


The Blackpool Pier Company has spoken out to protect hospitality employees who have been subject to abuse since returning to work after the easing of lockdown restrictions.

On its Facebook page, the operator said Blackpool has seen unprecedented amounts of traffic since reopening, explaining that “it’s been fantastic to see so many people enjoy our piers and the resort”. It added, however, that reopening has also been a challenging time for the company, particularly for its staff, who have been faced with large volumes of customers and new procedures to adapt to.

“There is a national hospitality staffing crisis, meaning, many places including our three piers, are understaffed to cope with the sheer amount of customers,” said the operator. “We’re constantly adapting and trying new things such as opening at reduced capacity, table service, track and trace… we strive to give our customers the best service possible whilst not draining our much loved and appreciated employees. Reading negative reviews about staff and wait times is heart-breaking knowing what our staff are going through to give you the best experience possible and whilst majority of reviews are extremely positive, we can’t help but feel upset by negative ones, as we are only human after all.”

The company said there had been reports of customers swearing and becoming abusive because they have had to wait for drinks or queue longer for a ride.

“We know it can be frustrating but please be patient and understanding with us. We are going as fast as we possibly can,” the operator continued. “We have listened to your feedback and we are implementing changes to speed up our service.”

The Blackpool Pier Company concluded that its message was intended to support the entire hospitality sector as businesses across the country face the many challenges that come with reopening after a year of lockdowns and restrictions. It also added, however, that it was “not a sympathy post”, but simply a call to the public to say “please be kind to our staff”.

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