Orders fly in for busy Sound Leisure

Sound Leisure busy
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Sound Leisure has had “another crazy week at the factory” according to the jukebox manufacturer’s social media.


While the company’s operating division helps bring music to the ears of a reopening hospitality industry, the demand for new jukeboxes has started to queue at Sound Leisure’s Leeds factory.

“Orders are coming in much faster than we can build the jukes, so everyone is feeling the pressure as lead times stretch out,” the company’s management said on Facebook. “In addition to manufacturing the Classic machines our operating division has had a crazy week on the hospitality side with pubs reopening last Monday and hundreds of machines being switched on for the first time in months.”

There was also action in the factory for the company’s ‘Bouncing Bomb’ lathe, that was used to build prototype bombs for World War 2, including the Dambusters’ famous bouncing bomb. The lathe has been “temporarily stood down from service” while the company reshuffles its machinery due to a new arrival.

“One of our long term suppliers, Cadfab, a metal fabricating company, are moving their operations into one of our bays in the factory, so 1.5 tonnes of lathe had to be moved,” said Sound Leisure’s team. “Not a simple task but we managed it safely. The difficult part is going to be putting her back together again!”

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