Harris and Foster push for “illiberal” checks and caps

Carolyn Harris affordability checks
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The parliamentary campaign against gambling kicked of again last week as the leaders of the Gambling-related Harm All Party Parliamentary Group and the Peers for Gambling Reform quizzed the DCMS on state-imposed spending caps.


Carolyn Harris MP, chair of the GH APPG, and Lord Foster of Bath, who leads PGR, both pushed for affordability checks and spending caps, with Regulus Partners commenting that “both seem to be labouring under the delusion that it is a statutory requirement of the Gambling Commission to introduce such illiberal controls – and curiously reject the idea that such matters of civil liberty should be the province of Parliament.”

The consultancy firm added that “the arcades sector who would likely be put out of business permanently if track and trace for gambling were to be introduced”, while implying that Harris’ friendliness towards the amusements sector in the past may not continue into the future.

Indeed, Harris was well received by the industry for her stance against FOBTs and she has her name carved in stone on the wall of a bingo club in south Wales. However, while Regulus acknowledge this, the firm believes the policies she supports would “likely bring about the closure of most bingo clubs, casinos and arcades in Britain”.

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