Arcade thieves banned from Norfolk

Pottters Resort Yarmouth thieves banned
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Three men arrested for stealing from arcades around Great Yarmouth have been banned from visiting Norfolk or any seaside amusement sites for 15 months by Norwich Crown Court.


The trio made off with £400 from Potters Resort in Hopton on 23 April 2019, before being caught attempting the same at Funworks Arcade in Great Yarmouth the following day.

“Sentencing them each to six months jail, suspended for 15 months, Judge Anthony Bate made an order excluding them from coming to Norfolk,” reported The East Anglian Daily Press. “He also said they must not visit any family seaside amusement arcade in England and Wales. Both exclusions run for the 15 months of the order.”

“Judge Bate also made each of the men pay £130 compensation to Potters Resort and £370 towards costs.”

Stuart Forbes, Charlie Shaw and Thomas Wheatcroft were caught after Potters Resort shared CCTV footage of the robbery with local arcades, allowing staff at Funworks to recognise the men and alert police when they visited the venue. When apprehended, the men were found to be carrying equipment used to steal from arcade machines. At the trial on 12 May, Forbes, Shaw and Wheatcroft all admitted theft, attempted theft and going equipped.

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