NRM’s ‘toolkit’ of technology enables operators to engage, entertain and grow revenue

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As the country emerges from lockdown and NRM’s AGC, bingo, pub and holiday park customers begin the process of reconnecting with their players they will be able to draw on a range of dedicated tech solutions all of which are making an important contribution to the way in which consumer-facing businesses are able to enhance engagement, maximise efficiencies and grow revenue.


Recognised as one of the leisure sector’s foremost technology innovators, the NRM toolkit comprises the Engage membership app, the Budde handheld tablet platform, the very latest iteration of Bingo Express, the Jigsaw touchscreen entertainment system and Jackpot systems.

NRM-Majestic_HomeNRM’s open architecture strategy means it’s able to work in collaboration with customers to deliver a solution-focussed approach which satisfies specific operational issues. NRM managing director, Andrew Ludlow explained: “Based on the fact that our customers know more about their consumers than we do, it would be foolish in the extreme not to involve them in every stage of the development process.

“NRM has consistently championed an agnostic approach to technology which means that we can work with our customers in order to produce solutions to meet their business needs as opposed to simply presenting them with a product. We are not advocates of technology simply for technology’s sake: technology has to be used to meet business and operational objectives, otherwise it’s a self-indulgence on the part of the developer.”

A notable outcome of the company’s open architecture strategy is Engage, the NRM created Mobile Membership app. Andrew Ludlow believes the combination of powerful technology and flexibility explain its’ popularity with progressive, agile brands across all sectors that place the consumer front and centre stage. He stated: “Our agnostic approach means we are able to link into existing membership solutions as well as our own, customise the core application in line with brand guidelines and create bespoke versions of Engage as a joint development in partnership with our customers. Because we believe that technology should never be a straightjacket, Engage is constantly evolving based on the requirements of our customers as well as those of our ultimate boss – the end-user.”

Designed to sit at the heart of a customer programme Engage acts as a highly-focused marketing tool for venues to publicise current and future promotions, keep their customers up to date with the latest product offers, play games for fun or points and enhance loyalty through issuing vouchers and enabling the user to collect and redeem points in-venue. The platform is truly flexible, offering the retailer a range of fun and engaging customer tools as well as providing essential information on venue locations, prices and opening times.

NRM Budde

Budde, NRM’s bingo tablet, hands operators the choice over third party content availability including wide area bingo variant games and is regarded as a truly viable alternative to existing tablet providers by leading figures in the sector. The system is customisable to reflect individual operator branding, and provides full operator control over tablet advertising. Budde sits as part of the NRM tablet portfolio and offers a flexible range of tablet and software solutions tailored to the specific requirement of operators.

Bingo Express 2 is the culmination of many months of development which has seen NRM working closely with a number of operators to provide the next generation ticket on demand bingo platform for bingo licensed premises. Targeted initially at AGC’s with bingo licences the new platform incorporates the proven suite of bingo express games housed in a new cabinet using a 24” portrait touch screen. Ensuring the customer journey and ease of use sits at the heart of the product, Bingo Express 2 now provides in addition, TITO functionality, contactless payments and also features flexible numbers of handheld tablets that offer the available bingo express games along with Cat C and Cat D content. Andrew Ludlow confirmed the initial site feedback has been highly positive, adding “we can’t wait for customers to start engaging with the platform when venues reopen next week.”

The Jigsaw touchscreen entertainment system has experienced a 20 percent year-on-year increase in its customer-base across holiday parks, pubs, AGCs and bingo. Jigsaw’s extensive functionality which includes music, Karaoke, Interactive mobile app, games, alternative bingo games and an interactive quiz, makes it an integral part of the entertainment offer. Andrew Ludlow stated: “The commercial and operational objectives are to maximise the amount of time consumers spend within a venue. Jigsaw enriches the entertainment offer and helps in that process. The collaborative approach that we adopt with customers means that they are directly involved in the innovation roadmap for the year ahead which is why it still remains the touchscreen entertainment system of choice for a growing number of operators across all sectors.

“Using technology and creative software solutions to enhance the customer experience is the best way to remain competitive which is why technology and innovative software development is top of the NRM agenda and why it’s so vital that it’s used to empower the industry and not to restrict it.”

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