JNC prepares for new season debuts as Rocket Launch, Mini House and Epic Shooter head to the market

JNC Sales Rocket Launch
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JNC will mark the industry’s return to action with the debut of three new products set for the FEC market this summer, keeping its focus on “utilising space and optimising takings with minimal risk”.


Due for on-site testing over the coming weeks, Rocket Launch, Epic Shooter, and Mini House are the company’s first wave of machine releases for the new 2021 season, with JNC’s Sam Coleman sharing his excitement for the new trio.

JNC Sales Mini House Pink & Blue“Rocket Launch is an eyecatching prize machine for up to three separate players, where players must press the launch button to put the prizes off the bed,” said Coleman. “Perfectly sized in terms of footprint and height for children, Rocket Launch comes with vibrant cabinet lighting and a unique top flash that makes it one of the most anticipated centre-pieces this year.”

The game is also going to appeal to operators as the beds automatically replenish the prizes and has adjustable play settings. While players launch their prizes up off the prize bed with Rocket Launch, they have to grab them with the new Mini House 2ply mini cranes, which Coleman says have been developed with space efficiency in mind.

JNC Sales Epic Shooter“From the same team behind the hugely popular and reliable Crazy Toy range comes Mini House 2ply, a top-performing small crane that stands at just 163cm tall by 61cm wide and allows for two players to use at the same time side by side. The crane is suitable for prizes up to 8cm and features operator friendly game modes that allows for customised claw power and motor speeds.”

There’s also a buzz around the new basketballs, again from the same team behind JNC’s popular BasketBlitz range, Epic Shooter. Coleman is confident that the ‘stunning cabinet’ (which includes a video behind the moving basket), gameplay and price makes it a fantastic option for arcades looking to add that “interactive and competitive edge to their machine offering with huge playability as a single or multiplayer game with a ticket payout option”.

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