Starmer calls for Yorkshire coast investment

Sir Keir Starmer Yorkshire seaside coast investment
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Sir Keir Starmer has called for increased investment in seaside infrastructure along the Yorkshire coast, as part of an ambitious plan to save declining high streets.


The Labour leader outlined proposals earlier this week, highlighting the growing need for additional support for the towns predominantly reliant on tourism to survive.

“High streets are what attract people into seaside towns,” said Starmer. “What I’ve seen is too many high streets where there are boarded up shops where businesses haven’t had the support that they need.”

“We need an ambitious plan for our high streets and that’s why we argued over the last 12 months or so, that some of the money that hasn’t been used on other things during the pandemic should be fed directly into our high streets.”

Noting that high streets, transport links and job investment is “vitally important” for coastal towns, Starmer stated: “I want to see them succeed.”

“They’re fantastic those seaside towns, brilliant landscapes, brilliant countryside, fantastic beaches and they’ve got everything there but they just need a plan, investment, ambition and real action to safeguard the high street.”

The call comes six months after Starmer made a similar appeal in Falmouth, urging the government to address a “growing unemployment crisis” across south coast resorts.

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