“Every day is like a Saturday” as Blackpool bounces back

Blackpool bounces back
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The North West’s premier coastal resort has been in demand since lockdown ended, with cafes, restaurants, pubs and outdoor rides doing their best to supply visitors with Britain’s seaside experience while indoor amusements remain closed until at least the 17 May. Blackpool is booming.


Business is booming in Blackpool as the end of lockdown and favourable weather have beckoned both tourists and locals alike to Britain’s iconic seaside resort – but FECs can’t be open to enjoy it.

While cafes, restaurants and pubs have been using their outside space and takeaway options to satisfy visitors, amusements venues – with the exception of outdoor rides – are still completely shut until the next easing of restrictions on 17 May. Nevertheless, the early signs of a much needed bumper season are there, with operators having a year of lockdowns and closures to make up for once their doors can finally reopen.

“We know how important the tourism industry is to Blackpool, so this weekend it has been amazing to see both tourists and local residents out again enjoying the sunshine and supporting local businesses once again,” said Coun Amy Cross and Mayor of Blackpool to local paper The Gazette. “I know it is not perfect and we still face restrictions at the moment, but it is giving us hope of what it will be like when they are lifted and we return back to normality.”

Michelle Burrows, the owner of the Compass Cafe Bar near Blackpool’s North Pier, said last week was one of the cafe’s busiest weeks ever.

“It hasn’t tailed off since we reopened, every day has been as busy as the next and we have been blessed with the weather which has certainly helped,” she explained. “I think people are just so relieved to be out and they would come and support businesses regardless of the weather. Every day has been like a Saturday for us.”

The Velvet Coaster, a Wetherspoon’s pub near Blackpool’s South Pier, was equally impressed by recent footfall.

“The Velvet Coaster has been very busy, with the outside area packed out and customers are fully aware of the safety rules in place and are adhering to those and there is a great buzz in the pubs,” said Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon. “We look forward to all pubs opening on 17 May, subject to the government road plan.”

And amusements venues will look forward to opening next month too, especially if all the signals of a standout season stand true.

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