Merkur make more advances in 360 safer gambling journey

YGAM Betknowmore workshop Mark Schertle COO Merkur UK
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A two-day workshop organised and delivered by YGAM and Betknowmore is the latest safer gambling initiative to arise from Merkur UK’s 360 Programme.


Merkur UK continues to deliver on its commitment to safer gambling with members of the senior management team, comprising COO Mark Schertle, Operations Director Steve Ambrose, Head of Compliance Amanda Kiernan and Customer Experience Manager Lola Wood, joining the company’s Learning and Development Team, Area Managers and Bingo General Managers, participating in the two day ‘Merkur Safer Gambling Workshop’ run by respected national charities YGAM and Betknowmore UK. The two charities have collaborated to develop a range of training programmes for retail and digital licensed gambling operators and their employees working in customer- facing roles. The training, which can be tailored to the individual operators and delivered online, aims to strengthen player protection standards and effectively safeguard customers from harms.

The 30 strong Merkur team was able to improve understanding of customer vulnerability and the associated triggers with the aim of promoting early and positive interactions. The team took away invaluable skills to help them interact with customers who may be showing early signs of gambling related harm or be potentially vulnerable due to gambling exposure. The next steps will see Merkur cascade the insight and information through consumer-facing staff.

Ben Davies, Head of Safer Gambling Partnerships at Betknowmore UK said via LinkedIn: “I ve thoroughly enjoyed delivering training to some of the amazing people at Merkur. It’s been a genuinely rewarding experience for me. Mark Schertle and Steve Ambrose must be extremely proud of their teams, who have shown great knowledge, experience and positivity towards Safer Gambling. Thank you everyone!”

The workshop, part of Merkur UK’s 360 Programme which cements the company’s commitment to safer gambling, was well-received, with COO Mark Schertle replying: “Thank you Ben, for delivering a truly great training session. You managed perfectly to fit a topic as important as this into a two-day course, whilst keeping it interesting and engaging. Especially adding real life stories into the course to make it tangible and relevant. Also thank you to Ian Shanahan and Lee Willows for making this a success” adding: “The content will ensure we keep safer gambling at the forefront of everything that we do. As always we are immensely proud of our team here at Merkur and the way that they take their responsibilities seriously.”

Established in October 2020 the 360 Programme has been developed following close consultation with the Global Gambling Guidance Group and comprises an Advisory Board of senior executives and external specialists. The Advisory Board sets key objectives, brings new perspectives and explores best practice with the central objective of ensuring that safer gambling remains front and centre stage of the business.

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