Future 4 Fairgrounds highlights licensing failures

Future 4 Fairgrounds
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Future 4 Fairgrounds has warned many UK councils are still blocking funfairs from taking place, despite government regulation allowing their operation as of 12 April.


The campaign group, founded by Showwomen from across the country, has urged the government to address the licensing discrepancies, and produce clearer guidance.

“A lot of councils are putting the funfairs with events,” Shayler’s Family Fun Fair’s Joannie Peak told the BBC. “Funfairs are not events.”

“We’re small family businesses attracting people from the village. We’re not a big theme park that’s attracting people from all over England.”

Despite funfairs bringing in a number of measures to ensure the mitigation of Covid transmission, many are still being refused approval by local authorities.

The refusals come despite housing, communities and local government secretary Robert Jenrick this month urging councils “to show pragmatism and proportionality at all times, doing everything you can to help businesses prosper again.”

“All we say is give us a chance,” added Bernice Wall, of John Searle Fun Fairs, a member of Future 4 Fairgrounds. “Let us get out there and let us do our job and create funfairs. Especially outdoor fun. If we’ve learned one thing from the pandemic is that it’s healthier to be outdoors.”

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