London Resort announces Europe’s fastest rollercoaster

London Resorts announces Europes fastest coaster
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The company behind the London Resort has released the first images of its Quetzalcoatlus ride, set to be the fastest roller coaster in Europe, and centre of the £3.5bn attraction’s Base Camp world.


The multi-launch coaster will travel at speeds of over 70mph, remaining low to the ground in order to replicate what the prehistoric pterosaur’s flight path around the Swanscombe Peninsula theme park might have been.

“Base Camp’s design is based on a philosophy of what an actual, modern day, prehistoric nature reserve might look like,” said CEO PY Gerbeau. “There will be thrills, spills and high energy rides combined with opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the most amazing creatures ever to walk the earth.”

“However, unlike popular films that depict dinosaurs as villains, things don’t always go terribly wrong here. We are building a land of preservation and celebration of dinosaurs.”

Base Camp will also include a “multi-media live stage show experience,” as well as a 4D simulator recreating a dive into the prehistoric underwater world, and an “immersive fine dining experience” set in an underwater cliff.

The land will also include an “active dig” site for visitors to learn more about the life of dinosaurs, as well as pterodactyl-shaped zip lines, and climbing walls.

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