Blackpool tourism bosses warn of price rises

Blackpool price rises warning
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Blackpool Council has called on local businesses to help make the seaside resort’s recovery sustainable by keeping the town “affordable” to holidaymakers this summer.


Responding to claims that prices in the town are rising, the town’s tourism, economy and communities scrutiny committee has warned of its potential impact on future visitation.

“We don’t want the season to be a one season wonder,” said the council’s head of tourism Philip Welsh “It’s really important when visitors come here that they have an experience that makes them want to come back again.”

“We want to make sure we give visitors a really good experience and we have always prided ourselves on being an affordable resort and that’s where we need to be.”

The concern comes after local councillor Paul Galley told the committee “we are seeing a lot of prices rise but not necessarily seeing quality rise.”

“I know because I bought one the other day, that we are selling some ice creams on the prom for £3 – for tiny ice creams.”

“What that means is potentially all those people are going to say when I holidayed in the UK that one year, it was really expensive. I won’t do that again – as soon as I can go back to Spain I’ll do that.”

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