NSM Music: How connectivity has changed the jukebox forever

Alex Kirby NSM Music Jukebox
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The UK’s increasingly broad internet coverage has enabled jukebox manufacturer NSM to change the way operators, venue managers, and customers interact with its products, with its newest model the Curve featuring contactless payments, a management app, and an app for picking your favourite tunes. Alex Kirby explains all.


Operators, venue managers and customers have fully embraced a new way of interacting with jukeboxes, according to manufacturer NSM Music.

More than 90 percent of NSM jukeboxes installed in venues now end up connected to the internet, allowing operators and customers alike to make use of remote access, smart phone apps and contactless payment features. During the pandemic, this has proven more useful and efficient than ever, with customers preferring to pay and pick songs without having to move out of their seats, and managers and operators able to control and service the jukeboxes without physical contact or service calls.

“We started seeing a shift towards contactless payment enabled jukeboxes before the pandemic simply because sites were reporting a shortage of physical cash being spent over the bar. Today I would say 90 percent of jukeboxes purchased have contactless payment, again because of the reason already mentioned but also because people now see money as something that can carry and pass on bacteria/virus,” explained Alex Kirby, sales manager at NSM Music. “This is the same reason the jukebox app has become so popular. The jukebox app is an application that gives them the flexibility for customers to browse the jukebox from their seat, make selections and pay for via PayPal. It’s never been so easy and inviting to use a jukebox.”

Indeed, this is the crux of the relatively recent jukebox comeback. Neither the songs nor how they sound has drastically changed; they are just more simple to play. And for operators, they are more simple to operate. Kirby detailed how NSM’s new app Co-Pilot, gives operators the capability to give 3 levels of security access, create adverts on a phone which can be sent to the jukebox and external screens, and to change the volume, song or even power down the unit. He added that Co-pilot can also help with bookkeeping, checking which jukeboxes are in Error State, and with notifying if a jukebox had its door opened.

“Operators and engineers will soon wonder how they ever managed without Co- Pilot,” said Kirby.

Over the last three years, NSM has been updating the market with connected jukeboxes in the form of its Lightning and Thunder models, which Kirby said “have been a great success”. Last year, the manufacturer released a new flagship, the Curve, which adds a new, curvier, aesthetic.

“The Curve is as it says, it’s curved, it’s a beautiful modern jukebox which offers all the same exciting features as the other NSM models but with the extra visual wow factor,” stated Kirby. “This has already become our best-selling jukebox of the new range.”

While offering new technology and a new aesthetic, Kirby emphasised that NSM’s customer care was an important factor in the company’s success that would always remain as strong as ever.

“We see all our customers and ourselves as one team,” he concluded. “Without our customers there would be no NSM and its important we look after our customers.

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