Big One receives eight section renovation

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Big One renovation
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Ahead of reopening this week, Blackpool Pleasure Beach invited one lucky roller coaster fan to test ride the Big One, after 75 metres of the UK’s tallest roller coaster were re-tracked and renovated.


Mark Forrest, who regularly visited the attraction prior to lockdown, was selected as the first member of public to ride the iconic coaster after UK-based company Taziker updated eight sections of the ride last month.

“It’s strange whenever there have been updates to the track I don’t usually feel it,” Forrest told Lancashire Live. “This one, I believe, is the largest yet and it really does feel a lot smoother.”

“Sometimes as the tracks age you can feel a slight shakiness and with the Big One being a seafront attraction it can get battered by the elements. I could instantly feel the difference with this however and it was a lot smoother – and it felt faster too!”

The renovation is in addition to the 45 metres of new track that were installed on the ride in February, and forms the majority of the track just before the mid-course break run.

Despite the prestige of being the first member of the public to ride the new track, the paper added that Forrester planned to return on Monday for reopening, “as well as Wednesday, and possibly Thursday, to enjoy the park with other visitors.”

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