Sneak peek for Paultons’ new Storm Chaser coaster

Paultons Park coaster Storm Chaser
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Paultons Park has unveiled a sneak peek video of its new coaster Storm Chaser, part of the £12m Tornado Springs land which opened for the first time on 12 April.


The attraction is one of eight new rides located in the 50s Americana-themed world, alongside the spinning pendulum Cyclonator, and is the first free-spinning coaster in the UK.

“Judging by the clip, there are plenty of thrills awaiting those who take on the free spinning ride” reported The Mirror.

“Riders will board trains of carriages which will carry them over 20m above ground as it zips across the 459m-long track.”

Storm Chaser is a Mack Rides spinning coaster, similar to the Sierra Sidewinder located at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, and forms the star attraction in the four-acre world, modelled on a 1950s US desert town.

“We’ve worked hard to make Tornado Springs the highest-quality, fully immersive family experience on offer in the UK,” said park operations director James Mancey. “We’ve really focussed on the detailing in the new area and have added some special touches to Tornado Springs to give it extra wow-factor and to exceed even the wildest of expectations.”

“No doubt that Tornado Springs will be the most popular and in-demand attraction at Paultons this year.”

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