UK pubs spend £285m on reopening preparations

Pub investment on reopening
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Data collected by the BBPA has revealed that UK pub operators spent £285m in supporting leased and tenanted publicans prepared for outdoor reopening on 12 April.


The figure represents rent and other costs waived or reduced during the pandemic, as well as investment in safety measures, marquees, heaters and outdoor furniture.

“Our sector is enormously proud of the investment we have made in our pubs and publicans,” said BBPA CEO Emma McClarkin. “£285m invested in our leased and tenanted pubs shows we are ready to get back open for business. It also shows we have supported our publicans through every step of this crisis.”

“It is evidence of the strength of the leased and tenanted pub model. A model which has survived the ups and downs of hundreds of years and is now working to help the sector survive through the COVID-19 crisis.”

The trade association also called on the Government to recognise the investment the pub industry has made by continuing to support the long term recovery of the sector.

“We truly believe our pubs have a great future ahead of them, which is why at every level the sector is investing in them. Crucial to pubs’ recovery though is ensuring the Government matches this investment by the industry with its own financial support.”

“That means long term cuts to beer duty, VAT and business rates.”

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