Dreamland loses Pinball X amid social distancing measures

Dreamland Pinball X ride
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Dreamland has confirmed the removal of its Pinball X ride in order to accommodate social distancing, despite the historic Margate park not yet setting a date for reopening.


Dreamland has confirmed the removal of its Pinball X ride in order to accommodate social distancing, despite the Margate park not yet having announced a date for reopening.

The Wild Mouse-style coaster, located toward the rear of the park, was dismantled last week to allow for “new levels of safety” at the seafront entertainment complex.

“Every year at Dreamland we examine the rides and attractions we offer and look to make changes and improvements,” said a spokesperson. “This year the pandemic has meant that Dreamland, like many other tourist, leisure and events businesses across the globe has had to rethink its operation with new levels of safety in mind.”

“The age and layout of some of the rides within our amusement park make social distancing almost impossible to adhere to, so we have decided to move some rides off the park, these will mainly be going into storage for now. The Pinball X will be leaving us, but hopefully a similar type of ride will be back at Dreamland in the near future.”

The move follows a statement from Dreamland in March that outlined the difficulty in enacting social distancing measures, due to the dimensions of the park’s historic offering.

“It’s worth remembering that Dreamland is a unique venue in that most of our rides are vintage, some built 100 years ago.”

“The age and configuration of these rides means it is difficult to accommodate the very specific, social distancing and safety measures required to stop the spread of Covid-19.”

As part of the announcement, Dreamland predicted it would be unlikely to reopen before social distancing measures were relaxed, noting “we are prepared to wait to ensure our guests are completely safe on our rides.”

With that step currently not projected to happen until at least 21 June, the park has also been outlining the proposed staggered reopening of hospitality and events.

Dreamland’s two restaurants, On the Roof and the Cinque Ports, are set to reopen as of 17 May, while a Family Bingo show has been scheduled to take place on 4 June.

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