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Bacta Portal
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Bacta has launched a new business tool bringing more compliance and social responsibility functions to the fingertips of its members. The Bacta Portal is going live soon.


What is the Bacta portal and why are you introducing it now?

The Bacta Portal is the new way for Bacta members to comply with their LCCP requirements as well as utilise a full range of business tools to make running their AGC much easier and, importantly, without the need for paper.

The Portal is web-based and works on any device. It will host the much improved industry self-exclusion system and at launch feature a brand new system for recording customer interactions, now an LCCP requirement. This can all be done digitally and is an intuitive, easy to use process of staff.

What’s new with the Portal?

The way the product is designed is modern and fresh, and, in addition to Self-Exclusion, a new LCCP compliant customer interaction module will be available from launch.

After members have become familiar with the new Portal we will be rolling out a series of new impressive features that will take away headache of recording on paper anything from an Age Verification challenge to monitoring the cleaning rota.

The Portal will additionally become the go to reference tool for all staff when it hosts the respected Bacta industry handbook.

Development of a crime alert system and digital versions of all the various risk assessments and other documentation members need for their businesses, is well underway.

Is the Portal available to non-Bacta members?

The Portal works for all types of AGC whether on the High Street or in a Motorway Service area and the Customer Interaction and Self-Exclusion modules will be available to non-members for a small charge.

How will it help members with their social responsibility?

By going beyond LCCP compliance, the Portal sets the standard for safer gambling.

It will guide staff through their interactions with customers to ensure that safer gambling remains front and centre of all conversations.

Anyone using the Bacta Portal is going to enhance significantly the quality of their industry’s SR conversations with customers.

The Bacta portal will be demonstrated at the Regional meetings and at EAG Online – any member wanting to know more about the portal should contact Bacta directly.

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