World of Rides unveils six new models to make 2021 season one to remember

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After the most difficult period in its 50 year history, World of Rides has been preparing to make a confident comeback to normality with new models and a brand new product as the manufacturer of children’s rides vows to assist operators in making the 2021 season one their customers will remember for a long time.


World of Rides has been using lockdown to build six new models of battery rides as the manufacturer prepares for what could be the “busiest UK Daycation and Staycation holiday season ever”.

As the roadmap to reopening starts in earnest this week, David Robinson, general manager at World of Rides, reflects on what has been the “very worst situation that any of our customers, suppliers or ourselves have ever found ourselves in” since the company was established more than 50 years ago. The World of Rides team has, however, put the downtime to good use by designing new models and even a brand new – yet to be announced – product that promises to be a throwback to the yester years of amusements history.

“By working staggered shifts and furloughed days, like so many others in our industry, we have used the slower pace of life to plan and prepare remotely for coming out of lockdown,” explained Robinson. “As a result, we have designed and built six brand new models of battery rides that are available to sell immediately, using our already proven and popular chassis and electronics, and we have one brand new product, which is not a ride, but an updated and exciting return to our very early days in the amusement industry, in the pipeline!” Robinson added that customers have been supportive throughout the pandemic, with old and new customers alike starting to place firm orders as far back as November 2020.

“Although we have still had a very healthy demand for all our factory refurbished static and battery operated rides, the bulk of all our new ride orders have been for new ready-made new turnkey attractions, rather than just one or two single rides,” he said, remarking that there is an expectation within the industry that the 2021 reopening season will be one of the busiest for years, perhaps even decades. Not only that, Robinson believes it will be one of the most important for connecting with customers, and leaving a lasting impression that a daycation or staycation in the UK can provide just as much quality as a holiday abroad, and at much better value.

“This year will be the very first time that many of our population will have sampled a holiday at home,” concluded Robinson. “UK operators have realised that they won’t ever come back again after the main pandemic restrictions have eased a little more, unless they enjoy the very best facilities and amusements that our industry can offer them!”



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