Fantasy Island announces new “immersive experience”

Fantasy Island announces new immersive experience
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Fantasy Island has revealed details of its latest ride, a new immersive experience set to open this May entitled Harrington Flint’s Island Adventures.


The ride will see visitors “travelling through portals, taking aim and shooting down Mayan zombies” in search of Professor Crow and the book of Xibalba. “Choose your team wisely and buckle up for the newest fast-paced, immersive, and interactive adventure at Fantasy Island,” said a spokesperson.

“As you and your team move through treacherous jungles, mines, and waterfalls, you must defeat Professor Crow’s minions and prevent Flint’s old foe from taking over.”

Following in the footsteps of the fictional explorer, the experience will see visitors undertake a series of tasks and challenges while immersed in the world of the ride.

“The famed explorer and treasure hunter, Harrington Flint once again comes face-to-face with his old nemesis, Professor Crow and needs your help to defeat him,” the spokesperson continued.

“Professor Crow has found the cursed book of Xibalba and is on a mission to raise an ancient Mayan God of War and take over the world. Only you can fight off his army of the dead.”

The ride is the latest of three new additions set to open at the Ingoldmells attraction, joining The Guardian and the Spinning Racer Roller Coaster, which will both open before the end of May.

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